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Glimpses of Einstein's personal life, through his travels

posted 5 Oct 2011, 15:25 by Jamie Condliffe   [ updated 17 Oct 2011, 03:18 ]

In the 1970s, sociologist David Bloor suggested - to reactions of perhaps equal horror and delight - that science is an inherently social activity. He believed we should recognise that, beneath the stereotypical white coats, scientists really are normal people too.

Thanks in part to insightful biographies of scientists, the world of research has been shown to be as full of competition, gossip and revelation as any other human endeavour. In the same spirit, Einstein on the Road provides a window into the great man's life.

More than any other scientist, Einstein had his life scrutinised, but this book, based on his detailed travel diaries, affords more personal glimpses. So we learn about his fondness for forging friendships while playing Mozart, his absolute disdain for press conferences and ignorant journalists, and his take on his superstardom, which once saw him saunter down a Hollywood red carpet with Charlie Chaplin.