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Wired could be right. The web might be dead. But this certainly isn't proof.

posted 22 Jun 2011, 11:53 by Jamie Condliffe
Earlier today, the Australian news site posted an article declaring that Wired were right: the web is dead. They even claim to have proof that apps are king, and the future of the web is in tatters. But are they right?

Their data show that web use amongst people in the US has grown from an average 64 minutes a day in June 2010 to 74 minutes a day in June 2011. But, over the same time period, time spent using apps has risen from 43 minutes to 81 minutes.

The thing is, the PR compnay responisble for the results don't really explain how they arrived at their final set of numbers in any great detail. My hunch is that they used their rudimentary form of counting traffic, that they explain in some detail, and simply divided their figures by the number of US citizens.

That's bound to show substasntial increases in app use and only modest increase in web use, for the simple reason that  most people in the US are already online, and comparatively few have smartphones. All it really shows, then, is that smartphones are seeing increased sales in the US. Wow. I didn't realise!

Finally, uh, when did three data points ever show reliable trends?