I occasionally work on projects that aim to communicate research science from universities  to the wider world, be that the public, industry, academic collaborators or policy makers. This page describes a few of the projects I've been involved with recently. If you'd like to discuss the possibility of me helping with a project, please get in touch.

Oxford Impacts

I worked on a project with the University of Oxford called Oxford Impacts. This series of case studies celebrates the impact that the University's research has on the world of policy, health, business and culture. The case studies showcases academic research across a range of subjects, though I helped to write those based on engineering and the physical sciences. A handful of examples include:

Physics Industry Involvement

Targeted  at potential industrial partners, this project aims to encourage companies to work with the University of Oxford's Department of Physics. Covering a broad range of research, from fundamental science to existing commercial spin-outs, the resulting articles showcase the diverse range of physics research that happens in Oxford.

Drug Discovery in Oxford

A new website aims to bring together the many research groups across Oxford - from chemistry, though physics, to medical sciences - working on the complex problems involved in drug discovery. I have written a number of case studies that present particularly interesting and exciting research stemming from the Department of Chemistry - and there looks more to come.

Oxford Clinical Trials

A new website which brings together the large network of clinical trials units in Oxford into a single consortium.  The site is designed to act as a portal for academic and industrial collaborators hoping to become involved with clinical trials at Oxford, but also provides a space for the general public to understand the university's contributions to medical research.